Our Objectives

1. To conduct regular worship service and establish, maintain and run a CHURCH.
2. To Teach, Practice and propagate  by all lawful means of Teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ based on the Bible (66 books), thereby obeying the great commission as mentioned in Mathew 28:18-20 & Mark 16:15-18.
3. To Teach discipline, train, encourage and minister to any interested person in a way of leading them to new life in Christ.
4. To conduct leadership seminars, conventions, retreats and workshops based on the Holy Bible for all the age groups.
5. To develop and build the whole person – Spirit, Soul and Body to live a worthy and meaningful life.
6. To start and run reading rooms, study centres,  libraries for the diffusion of useful knowledge.
7. To help maintain and support Christian workers, Bible Teachers and such other deserving persons who abide in the Christian living.
8. To give, provide or render help and assistance to implement any scheme for the livelihood and / or upliftment of the poor and needy people.
9. To give, provide and render monetary help and / or give assistance for the relief of persons affected by natural and other calamities such as floods, fire, famine, cyclone etc.
10. To encourage children in their studies and help them to get through their struggles in their lives.
11. To restore broken homes through Christian counseling and provide legal advice, if necessary.
12. To have fellowship with like minded and similar objective Churches which is having Bible based doctrine.
13. To help the poor and needy Churches to renovate and reconstruct their Churches buildings anywhere in India.
14.  To run/maintain Christian Theological College / Institution.
15. To publish Christian periodicals magazines, Monthly, Bi-monthly, daily, weekly, duly obtaining necessary approval / permission from state government / central government for the diffusion of Christian Knowledge.
16. To establish, maintain and run schools, colleges to promote education among poor and needy downtrodden etc.
17. To run / help orphanages, Hospitals, Rehabilitation centres and homes for the destitute children and the needy.
18.  To provide scholarship to the needy students and sponsor  needy children  to pursue their studies.
19. To conduct health camps, medical relief work, run free dispensaries, AIDS awareness programmes and render any assistance to AIDS victims and cancer patients.
20. To extend help to leprosy homes, old age homes etc.
21. To help the weaker section of people in rural areas by providing them with basic necessities. 
22. To Promote Gospel Musicians.
23. To help produce Audio and Video Cassettes that propagate the teaching of Lord Jesus Christ.
24. To help other Christian Religious institutions to popularizes  their releases of Audio and Video Cassettes.
25. To render assistance to any Church to produce Audio and Video Cassettes that carry meaningful message from the Bible.
26. To render assistance to Churches to obtain telecast rights for Television Programmes produce by them.
27. To produce television programmes to propagate the teaching of Lord Jesus  Christ.
28. All these objects of the trust will be made available to everybody irrespective of castes, creed, religions and sex.
29. It is made clear that none of the objects of the Trust shall result in any profit.
30. All these objects will be carried out only in India.
31. The funds of the Trust shall be utilized solely towards the objects of the Trust and none of it will be distributed among the trustees.


©Word of God Ministries Trust